Upping Your Water Bottle Game

Can y’all believe that it’s MAY?! May is my birthday month and it always feels like it creeps up so fast… And by “creeps up so fast,” I mean from like December lol. I’m especially loving that the nights now stay light for increasing amounts of time – patio season is finally back!

Today I’m talking about this beautiful alkaline water bottle from Copper H20:

Not only is the bottle super pretty and shiny, but there are so many health benefits to drinking out of a copper vessel! After learning a bit about copper water bottles, these are a couple of my favorite benefits:

  1. Copper keeps skin healthy and acne free – Is there anyone out there who would NOT want this? I mean, drinking water is a fairly easy task, and if drinking out of a copper water bottle is going to help my skin, then I’m allllllll for it. Fortunately, I don’t struggle with acne, but keeping my skin healthy and happy is super important to me.
  2. Drinking from a copper water bottle builds a strong immune system – Again, something that we all could use in our lives. 
  3. Copper stimulates the brain –  Keeping my mind sharp is also high on my priority list. If I can help with this by drinking from a copper water bottle, then I’m totLly into that. 

For more information, definitely check out Copper H20’s website – there are many, many more health benefits from drinking out of a copper water bottle! 

Happy Saturday and see you on the patio!

Top (similar here), jeans, heels, water bottle, Ray Ban carbon fibre aviators, ring, & bag (similar here).

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