As you know, I live in Vancouver, Canada. What you may not know is that I was born in Manhattan. I’ve lived in Vancouver for most of my life and I think that no one really realizes that the name “Alana” is pronounced differently depending on whether you’re North or South of the Canada/United States border.

With my parents living in the U.S., the name “Alana” was given to me to be pronounced the American way. You know, like a sauna, the name Donna, or a lawn in front of your house. When I meet someone and introduce myself, I try to emphasize the pronunciation of my name and tend to throw in something along the lines of “it’s like a lawn” which usually helps people remember. The funny thing about living in Canada is that “Alana” is pronounced like banana or Atlanta. Try saying all of these words out loud! It may seem like a subtle difference but the pronunciation is actually very different.

xx, Alawna

Top (similar here, here and here), jeans, ring, & LV handbag (circa mid 2000’s)

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