Canadian Tuxedo

Are y’all into the Canadian Tuxedo?! I was not into this “trend” until I started working part time at J.Crew during University and got my first chambray top. My hesitancy? Simply put, there were some pretty atrocious Canadian Tuxedo outfits in the 90’s and some that even trickled into the 2000’s. But, thanks to J.Crew, I saw the light. How had I lived without chambray?!

I style jean-on-jean by mixing different washes. Here, it’s light on top and dark on the bottom (that way, it’s almost as if you’re not even wearing a full jean suit!). I feel like a total boss repping jean on jean.

If you are #blessed and have today off, Happy Easter Monday! If not (like me), I hope your Easter weekend was everything you wished it to be and more!

xx, Alana

Top (similar here and here), jeans, jacket (old – Judith & Charles Huston Coat Fall 2015, similar here and here), & ring

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