Wearing pink on Thursday’s | Bachelor Recap – Week #3

Are you guys getting your pinks and reds all set for Valentine’s Day? I spent last weekend purging my closet so that I can make room for some new pieces. I have been meaning to clean out my closet for a while now, so it felt so good to finally sit down and make some decisions. Here are two of my tips for a successful closet purge:

1) Start by deciding to get rid of that one item that you’re completely sick of wearing. It is doing NO GOOD hanging in your closet if you’re sick of wearing it. What’s the point of keeping it if you could get something new that you’re actually stoked to wear?! GET RID OF IT. Once you’ve decided that you’re getting rid of this first item, it’s amazing how many more items you’ll realize you can also live without. What started with me not being able to bear wearing one blouse ever again turned into a pile of about 20 items for me to give away. 

2. Physically remove all of these “giveaway” items from your home immediately. IMMEDIATELY. Go put them in the trunk of your car to giveaway when you next go out. Now that your pile of items to give away has grown, the pile needs to be out of sight and out of mind, and FAST. 

Okay, I absolutely loved the Backstreet Boys group date from this week’s episode of the Bachelor. It looked like so much fun to be up there dancing with them – talk about living the 90’s dream! Best. Group. Date. EVER. Also, how cute was Nick with Vanessa when she was sick on their one-on-one?! Vanessa definitely is definitely staying in my final four prediction list this week. I’m also going to go with Vanessa as my winner prediction. I still think that Nick is pretty interested in Rachel, so she’s still on the list too. I’m also still super into Danielle L.! I think she’s super sweet. My last final four spot of this week goes to… Taylor! I’m just not sure if Corinne is going to make it to the final four anymore. Time will tell! 

Xx, Alana

Banana Republic top (similar here and here), Judith & Charles (formerly Teenflo) vest (similar here), Gap pants, Tory Burch flats, David Yurman bracelets here and here, J.Crew belt, & MAC lipstick

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