Bachelor Recap – Week #2 

Okay, who watched last night’s episode?! My reaction when Corinne took her bikini top off in the pool during the photo shoot was “wow.” My reaction when Corinne got the group date rose was also (and even more) “wow.” And I just can’t understand Liz’s rationale for why she didn’t give Nick her number when they first met… Like WUT??? Why did you come on the show when you could have called him and started dating him at your leisure? He was obviously interested in you! AND, he asked YOU for YOUR number back when you first met! #Confused 

I really respect Nick for choosing to send Liz home, not because I think that Liz was “wrong” for Nick, but simply because he made a decision that felt right for him. It was obviously a sticky situation having Liz potentially spill the beans about their history to the other ladies, and “how do I handle this” must have constantly been on Nick’s mind since seeing Liz emerge from the limo. 

After this episode, I don’t even feel that my final four prediction has changed since last week (We didn’t even have a rose ceremony!! I don’t like it when the producers splice the episodes like that haha…); Nick is CLEARLY into Corinne, and I didn’t see anything that would lead me to believe that Danielle L., Vanessa, and Rachel wouldn’t make it to the final four. So I’ll also leave my winner prediction as Danielle L. 😏

Look of the day today: I love love LOVE this waterfall jacket! It’s a perfect piece to throw on for running errands, girls’ night out, or date night! I bought this one from Club Monaco and I linked a couple similar options. On another note, I think it’s almost time to put my Sorels away for the season! Or at least until I make it up to Whistler… The weather has gotten so much warmer over the last few days and it’s too hot to wear these now! Lol. 

What is your final four prediction for Nick’s season of the Bachelor?! 

Xx, Alana 

Club Monaco jacket (similar here, here, and here), J.Crew top (similar here and here), Urban Outfitters pants, Sorel boots, David Yurman bracelets here and here, & MAC lipstick

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