Happy New Year and Happy Bachelor Season ;)

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2017! I always look forward to and cherish the whole Christmas season, and it feels like it always comes and goes so quickly. This year was no exception. Since arriving back in Vancouver from Mexico, I have been enjoying chilling in my jammies with Puss, doing some baking, and getting caught up on a number of household chores and cleaning. You could definitely say I’ve been easing back into reality from my vacation. 

Okay, so who watched the season premiere of the Bachelor?! I know that Nick is going to be a GREAT Bachelor – I’m so excited for this season and I really hope he finds what he’s looking for. For this season, I’ll be posting my final four and winner predictions after each episode. Based on the season premiere, my final four picks are (in no particular order) Corinne, Danielle L., Vanessa, and Rachel. I think that Corinne and Nick are a great fit, and she seems as though she pursues what she wants (ie. Nick lol), so it will be interesting to see how this relationship plays out. I really liked Danielle L.’s vibes and can see her and Nick being a really cute couple. I think that Nick was very intrigued by Vanessa and they seemed to have a great connection in the footage that was showed. And did you guys see her dress? STUNNING. Finally, I think that Rachel will be in the final four because not only is she stunning, smart, and interesting, but she received the first impression rose. And come on – the recipient of the first impression rose ALWAYS makes it far 😉 Based on these four ladies, my winner prediction pick is Danielle L.; there’s something about her that I just really like and I can see them keeping each other on their toes, having lots of fun together, and just being an all-around beautiful couple. 

It’s still pretty cold, snowy, and icy in Vancouver, so I’m still basically living in my Sorels. These pants are super cute and comfortable and also come in a variety of patterns (I own three different pairs). This pattern is not available anymore, but there are lots of other great patterns (that are currently on sale!), so I would definitely recommend checking them out! When I first discovered this style of pant, the sizes appeared to run quite small and, as a result, I started by trying on a size 8. They seemed to fit perfectly fine, but ultimately I ended up buying a size 2 (thanks to the help of a lovely saleswoman at Gap on Robson). While the 8 did fit, I was told that they do stretch out quite a bit, so I went from trying on an 8 to trying on a 6, 4, and 2, before finally settling on the size 2. The 2 looked microscopic through the waist on the hanger and I didn’t think that there was any way that I could even pull the 2 over my thighs, let alone do them up around my waist. But sure enough, I did manage to both pull them up and do them up. I’m so happy that the saleswoman encouraged me to try on smaller sizes because the 2 is the perfect size; they do stretch out after wearing them, as the saleswoman mentioned, but they don’t lose their form or become unflattering with wearing them. 

Happy Bachelor Season!

Xx, Alana

J.Crew jacket (similar here) and sweater (similar here), Gap pants, Sorel boots, Holt Renfrew gloves (similar here), & Maui Jim sunglasses

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