Mazatlan | Mexico

Have you guys been having a fabulous holiday?! I spent most of my time in Mazatlan simply lounging. You know, sleeping in, leisurely drinking my morning coffee, and people-watching with piña coladas from my perch on the beach. Normally when I travel, I like to have a plan on what I want to see and do, however, this trip was a Christmas vacation with my family, with the key word here being “vacation.” I guess this is the difference between “travelling,” or seeing and doing as much as possible, and “vacationing,” or seeing and doing comparatively very little. This trip definitely fell into the vacation category. Like, we didn’t even leave the resort to go into the Mazatlan town to explore. LOL. 

We did, however, go on whale watching and dolphin swimming tours with Onca Explorations. The whale watching tour was amazing! We were taken in a (very clean and well maintained) speedboat approximately 3 to 5 miles off the coast, with both the guide and the captain keeping an eye out for signs of whales. The waves were pretty big – we’re talking 5 to 10 feet – so it was amazing that they could even spot anything from the boat! We were fortunate that the guides both spotted whales in the open ocean in these conditions and that these whales (multiple Humpback whales) were coming up for air in 7 to 20 minute intervals. What magnificent animals. Seriously, you guys. They are so majestic from even the limited exposure we see above the surface, and it is beautiful to imagine how majestic they are when they are moving freely in the ocean beneath the surface. I would LOVE to be a whale.

For the dolphin swimming tour, we were taken out approximately 15 miles from the shore because this is the best range for spotting dolphins. We were not successful in finding any dolphins, but hey, this was a wild animal tour and not a trip to a zoo, so no complaints over here. I have to admit though, it would have been pretty cool to jump out of the boat and swim with them if we did find some. 

I would definitely recommend Onca Explorations. The guides were fantastic and definitely passionate about what they do. Maybe most importantly, the company supports research and conservation initiatives with all the guides being experienced oceanographers, biologists, and naturalists. Pretty neat stuff. 

For me, Christmastime is a time to slow down at the end of the year and have all the warm and cozy feels with family and friends. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season. 

Sending lots of love to you and yours! 

Xx, Alana

Seafolly top (also here) & bottoms; similar NET-A-PORTER black and white suit here

Billabong top (also here) & Seafolly bottoms 

Romwe dress (similar here); both very similar to what HRH Kate Middleton wore to visit the Taj Mahal in April 2016

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