Candle Score

The constant candle-buying struggle: you walk into a store and want to buy a few different candles, but with each decent-sized candle being, say, $15-20, you reluctantly decide you should only buy one. At least this is the situation I find myself in when I walk into home decor stores!

I was talking with a friend of mine last night about how I had just scored two large (and I mean large – I compared their height to the height of a grande Starbucks cup), delicious smelling candles at Michael’s for only a couple dollars. Yes, that’s right, a craft store, NOT a home decor store (and these candles seriously fill the whole room with their scent). They had a surprisingly large collection of what seemed to be seasonal as well as year-round candles on display for ~ $2.50 each, so of course I had to share this amazing find with you guys! The two I chose (caramel apple, pictured here, and strawberry patch) actually rang up at $0.59 each (CRAZY, hey??!) so I purchased probably over 100 hours worth of deliciousness for less than $2. Why did I restrain myself and only buy two, you might ask? Simply because I know that I want to get right into the holiday scents when those come out, and I know that that will be sooner rather than later with (Canadian) Thanksgiving and Halloween being just around the corner.

As I said, I stumbled upon this deal only last night, so definitely head to Michael’s soon to score some for yourself (and/or your partner, siblings, parents… the list really could go on and on). #TREATYOSELF

I’m tucking under a blanket on the couch this evening with a book and the sweet scents of caramel and apple… Have a lovely evening!

Xo, Alana

These candles aren’t actually posted on the Michael’s webpage, but they have probably 10-15 different scents! For any Vancouver peeps: I went to the Michael’s by Broadway and Cambie.

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