To Longchamp or not to Longchamp

Remember when just about everyone was carrying Longchamp Le Pliage bags in the 2000’s? I have to admit, I really wasn’t interested in getting one even when it seemed like it was “the bag to carry.” However, when I was living in Paris in 2013, I realized the appeal of a bag like this.

This bag can hold EVERYTHING and endure pretty much any type of weather. Most importantly, though, it was probably the most secure bag I could carry, thanks to the ability to zip it completely closed and snap the leather flap down. It quickly turned into my “go-to” bag.

I would totally recommend investing in one if you plan on travelling and want to make sure valuables such as your wallet , cell phone, passport, etc are secure. Even if you aren’t planning on travelling, I would still recommend purchasing one – they come in so many different colors and they’re so helpful for running errands around town!

Xo, Alana

Longchamp bag, Kate Spade wallet, MAC lipstick, Apple iPod shuffle, Samantha Wills ring, & Saje essential oil.

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