Whitehorse, YT | Canada

When I found out that I was going to Whitehorse for a week for work, I was really excited. Sure, I would have to work during the day, but hopefully I would be able to explore the area a little bit after work!

To start, if you are planning a trip to Whitehorse, you MUST go to Klondike Rib & Salmon. It is only open for the summer months, but all of their food is to die for. I tried their Alberta Prime Rib and it was delicious.

We, my coworker and I, liked the food so much, we ended up eating there a few times! The other times we ate there, I had their Heavenly Halibut Chowder. Obviously it was perfection in a bowl because it’s the only thing I ordered after trying it the first time.

This was the “cup” of Chowder. I did order the bowl the other times, and it is MASSIVE. So definitely go for the cup if you only want a sampling of the chowder!

Something really cool about Whitehorse is that there is a very long fish ladder. This fish ladder is the longest wooden fish ladder in the world! I didn’t get to see any salmon actually jumping up the ladder, but it was towards the end of the spawning season. I was told that it’s best to go to the fish ladder first thing in the morning when viewing opens so that you can see the employees releasing the fish that have gone up the ladder overnight.

I was fortunate enough to have time to visit Carcross. The town has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple years, so it was interesting to see and learn about the area’s history. And did I mention that Kate and Will are visiting Carcross in September?! I peeked through Keith Wolf Smarch’s workshop window and saw the carving that he is working on for the Royals:

In addition to Carcross, I went to the Yukon/British Columbia border, Bove Island, Miles Canyon, and Carcross Desert. All of these spots are very close to Whitehorse, so make sure to check them out if you, like me, have a limited amount of time in Whitehorse!

I’m looking forward to hopefully going back to the Yukon to visit Haines Junction and the Kluane National Park. Have you been to this area?

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