Desolation Sound, B.C. | Canada

Oh Desolation Sound, where do I begin?! Days that are filled with swimming, water skiing, tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, prawning… It is a magical area that my family has boated in for about 40 years.

My favorite spot is hands down Pendrell Sound. When trying to put words as to why this spot is my favorite, the only thing that really comes to mind is the fact that I’ve made so many memories here over the course of my life: boating on my grandfather’s boat with the family, my first time water skiing, my first time pulling my prawn traps (and catching prawns), to name a few.

Where is your favorite anchorage in Desolation Sound?


Pendrell Sound from the bow. I will never get tired of waking up to this view.


Views at Portage Cove.

Portage Cove

Sunset at Portage Cove.

Alana 2

Fresh clams, anyone? Remember to keep them filtering in the ocean for about 2 days so that the sand is filtered out!

Alana 3

Fresh prawns. Look at the size of them!

Alana 5

It is amazing to me that this little guy came all the way up in my trap. I dropped my traps in about 350 feet of water, and he somehow managed to stay in the trap for the whole trip up!

Alana 4

Happy hour feasts. The picture says it all.


The Laura Cove rope swing at high tide.


The raft at Prideaux Haven.

Alana 7

The more tubes, the more fun, right? While we were tubing (at Manson’s Landing), we saw a pod of dolphins.


Spotted a whale (we thought it was a Humpback Whale) while we were pulling prawn traps one day. Taken around the corner from Roscoe Bay.


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