Alexandra Island & Garden Bay, B.C. | Canada

It’s prawning season, baby! My all-time favorite “chore” while being out on the boat is setting and pulling my prawn traps. I really got into prawning last year when a family friend told me that he could help me get all the right prawn gear. The first stop on our trip up north to Desolation Sound was Alexandra Island, a small island in Center Bay of Gambier Island. The island is owned by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (RVYC), so only members can tie up to this dock. It is one of my favorite spots because the swimming is amazing, the island is fun to explore, and the island is so close to the city but far enough away so that it feels like you are completely removed from city life. I didn’t drop my prawn traps at this location because it actually rained a fair amount while we were there, so I didn’t want to struggle in the pouring rain and thunder and lightning with my traps.

We left Alexandra Island and then moved to Garden Bay, another RVYC outstation located in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast. I dropped my traps (two traps on one line) here at low tide around midday at the entrance to Pender Harbour. I dropped them in approximately 340 feet of water and I left them down for about 24 hours. I got 28 prawns on this pull. The caretakers at this outstation mentioned that the prawning in this area hasn’t been the greatest this year, so I was pretty pleased with my catch of 28. Just enough for an appetizer 😉

Looking forward to prawning when we get up to Desolation Sound. I was pulling about 50 to 80 prawns per day up there last year…




Freshly caught!


Is there anything better than prawns smothered in garlic and butter?! No, no there isn’t…

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