Easter Island | Chile

It is SUCH a trek to get to this little gem of an island, but so worth the trip! I had heard of the Moai, or statues, that are dotted across the island, but it was completely amazing to see them in person.

I couldn’t believe how big they actually are! Considering that Easter Island is one of the most remote islands in the world, it is interesting to consider why the Polynesian people chose to reside here as well as why the Moai were created and what their significance was. We had a couple of days, so we were able to see much of the island and explore the town. Next time, I would love to do a horseback riding tour on the island! And yes, I say “next time,” because although small, I definitely want to go back because the island is filled with so much culture, history, and natural beauty.



Doing as the Moai do…


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