Wearing pink on Thursday’s | Bachelor Recap – Week #3

Are you guys getting your pinks and reds all set for Valentine’s Day? I spent last weekend purging my closet so that I can make room for some new pieces. I have been meaning to clean out my closet for a while now, so it felt so good to finally sit down and make some decisions. Here are two of my tips for a successful closet purge:
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Bachelor Recap – Week #2Β 

Okay, who watched last night’s episode?! My reaction when Corinne took her bikini top off in the pool during the photo shoot was “wow.” My reaction when Corinne got the group date rose was also (and even more) “wow.” And I just can’t understand Liz’s rationale for why she didn’t give Nick her number when they first met… Like WUT??? Why did you come on the show when you could have called him and started dating him at your leisure? He was obviously interested in you! AND, he asked YOU for YOUR number back when you first met! #Confused 
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Happy New Year and Happy Bachelor Season ;)

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2017! I always look forward to and cherish the whole Christmas season, and it feels like it always comes and goes so quickly. This year was no exception. Since arriving back in Vancouver from Mexico, I have been enjoying chilling in my jammies with Puss, doing some baking, and getting caught up on a number of household chores and cleaning. You could definitely say I’ve been easing back into reality from my vacation. 
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